• Inclusive digital services to the last mile. The NEXT BILLION

    Last mile Access to banking, consumer goods, Retail.

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    • MicroATM
    • MicroATM
    • MicroATM
    • MicroATM
  • MicroATM

    The MicroATM that reaches your community and your doorstep. Deposit or withdraw cash, pay bills, transfer money, purchase goods or services, receive money, send money, recharge subscriptions, ...
    Away from the crowds and the queues, nearer home, maintaining "social distancing". Swipe, Insert or Tap your debit/ credit/ prepaid Cards


    Biometric Banking!

    Our MicroATM services, are AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) enabled; a biometric banking process for cardless banking, the first in the world.

  • Transactions

    Any and all kinds of cards - debit, credit, prepaid, traveller, digital; wallets - PayTM, GooglePay, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Freecharge, Jio Money, Airtel Money, etc.; QR Codes, Barcodes and every other means of payments and transactions accepted or permitted by the Government.



    Your information and details are secure with your bankers and other authorities. We only process the transaction with no information resident in our eco-system, delivering your services faster and nearer.

    • MicroATM
    • MicroATM
    • MicroATM
    • MicroATM


Support Services

Availale at the nearest MicroATM
Provided by the different authorised/ licensed service providers and independent entities.

  • Bank Account

    Open a savings, current, deposit or recurring deposit account in a bank of your choice at the Moneybox, digitally without having to go to a bank. The Bank will send you their “welcome kit” directly by courier or speed post.

  • Insurance

    Subscription, investment, buying of different types of insurances for life, health, home, equipment, business, emergencies, catastrophe, et al.

  • Capital Management

    Customized, practical and sustainable financial products and support from bankers, governmental agencies, lenders, strategic facilitators, etc. Financial support for equipment, inputs, invoices, et al

  • Knowldege Advisory

    A road to financial independence, with advisories and information on investments in marketable securities, wealth management, fiscal discipline and resources planning.

Scale of Economies

  • Ecommerce

    ₹ $e-cart
    Online marketplace
    • Multichannel Ecommerce
    • Custom Digital Cart
    • 24/7 Customer Support
  • CoRetailing

    ₹ $shopping cart
    Collective Retailing
    • Collective Purchasing
    • Common Branding
    • Collaborative Inventory
    • Networked
    • 24/7 Logistical Support
  • Biz Support

    ₹ $erp
    • Business Accounting
    • Tax Administration
    • CRM
    • ERP
    • Simplified
    • Professional

Partners in Progress

Retailers, Warehouses, land owners, Banks, Billers.....